Globe Exchange will launch Wednesday, June 2nd 1:00PM UTC

Globe Exchange will launch Wednesday, June 2nd 1:00PM UTC

Stay tuned for more announcements to come, including $GDT Staking! Join our social channels with the links at the end of this article.

Click here for the Balancer LBP Link

Globe will auction up to 3.5% (14,000,000) of the total $GDT token supply in a Liquidity Bootstrap Pool (LBP) by Balancer. The LBP will launch at 12:00 UTC+0, May 10, 2021, and end at 12:00 UTC+0, May 12, 2021.

Starting Weight — 95:5

Ending Weight — 30:70

Starting price: $3/GDT

Duration 48 hours

Please visit Globe Token Page to learn more details about $GDT.

What is Balancer LBP?

The LBP is a decentralized auction that is similar to a dutch auction, offering a fair opportunity for participation and orderly price discovery. The weighting of $GDT in the…

Hello Globe community,

As we approach the Globe platform launch, here is your last chance to participate in purchasing $GDT at a fixed $1! Community sale whitelist will close May 8th, Balancer LBP launch on May 10th, leading up to the listing on May 12th.

Sale Amount

There is a limited allocation of 1,000,000 (one million) GDT, and each lottery winner will be able to purchase up to one thousand GDT.

Vesting Schedule

Two months — The purchased GDT will be unlocked for trading after two months, redeemed through Globe platform.

Whitelist Duration

Whitelist form open now, closing May 7th 6pm UTC:

Sign up for Globe:

Visit our public sale page here:

Introducing Globe Token (GDT)

The native utility token of Globe Exchange is Globe Derivative Token (GDT). GDT is an ERC20 utility token offering:

  1. Reduced trading fees the more GDT you hold.
  2. GDT will also be usable to pay fees in the future.
  3. Gradual decentralization of ownership of GDT to…

Update April 30th:

We’ve received much more than expected applicants for the Globe IDO whitelisting, and it’s will take little more time for processing. The Start Time of the IDO on DODO will be delayed to May 2nd, 2021 UTC+8 (Singapore Time), the IDO End Time will remain the same.
Thanks for your understanding.

Edit: vDODO holders and apply for the whitelist here:

Hello Globe Community,

Globe Derivatives Token ($GDT) will be starting a Crowdpooling campaign on DODO and creating a trading market($GDT/$ETH) after its conclusion. Please see below for more details:

Crowdpooling Information

  • Project Name: Globe ($GDT)
  • Total Number of Tokens Provided by Project Team: 600,000…

Hello Globe community,

We’ve recently announced the Globe public sale on May 3rd— where the Globe platform will go live soon after. However, you don’t need to wait until then to try out the exchange, as per our guide: How to Trade on Globe with Testnet Bitcoin.

We’re excited to highlight one of our unique features, the customizable trading experience!

Currently there are three default layouts. However, we’d love to see the community’s favorite Globe layout! Get on Globe, set up your layout, and post on social media for a chance to win USDT.

How to enter:

  1. Sign up on Globe
  2. Set up your ideal trading…

Hello Globe community, we’re here for a follow up announcement with more details on our $GDT launch in collaboration with PAID Ignition.

The initial DEX offering (IDO) is the last step alongside our Globe public sale, before the launch of our platform and $GDT listing in early May. We have heard the community’s excitement for Globe Derivative Token, and are excited to work with PAID to give the community a chance to participate. Details are as follows:

Whitelist Start: April 15, 2021 : 11AM UTC

Whitelist Close: April 21, 2021 : 4AM UTC

IDO on Ignition: April 30, 2021 …

How to Setup your Globe Account and Trade with Testnet Bitcoin (tBTC)

1. Setup your account by registering on —

2. Once verified, login to your Globe Account and click on the dropdown.

Hello Globe community,

We are excited to announce the launch of Globe platform, along with the GDT token IDO and Public Sale. Since the announcement of Globe platform token, we’ve seen incredible demand!

In this post we will give an overview detail, but make sure you sign up on Globe, and follow our Twitter, Telegram, or Medium to get the latest updates!

Globe Launch & the Public Sale:

The Globe platform will launch for trade along with the public sale on Monday, May 3rd — but you can already try our platform with testnet bitcoin!. Sign up and trade perpetuals now.

IDO Launchpads

GDT will be available on…

Globe Derivative Exchange

Official account for Globe crypto derivatives exchange.

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